SpongeBob and Pokemon Actually Make Kids Smarter, Says New Report

Television is a wild thing, and as we all know, there are more shows out there than even the biggest buffs can count. It seems there is a show out there for everyone no matter their taste. From action to romance and gaming, you can find anything on the air these days. Of course, kids' programming is also on that list, and a new study has gone live that says some surprising shows actually make audiences smarter just by watching.

As reported by BNG, the group pulled together data to find what kids programs can help kids educationally whether we know it or not. The group looked at an unknown number of TV series suitable for children ages 14 and under. The series ranged from present hits to those from the '90s, and BNG analyzed how many unique words they use. In fact, the report ranked shows based on unique vocabulary per 1000 words, and it turns out SpongeBob SquarePants edged out a win.

The Nickelodeon animated hit has 213 unique words per 1000 while Stuck In the Middle came in second with 212. The Dragon Prince and Gudetama brought home a win for Netflix by taking home third and fourth place. 7th Heaven, The Middle, and Anne carried the list forward before Pokemon scored eighth place with 158 unique words. And to wrap up the top ten picks, The Owl House and The New Addams Family were listed.

As you can see, plenty of animated titles made this list, and that is because animation continues to dominate the kid's television sphere. Of course, the medium has diversified in the West following the rise of anime from Japan. More and more adult animated series beyond comedies are coming to light, but animation still has a firm hold on children. So of course, SpongeBob found its way to the top of this list. And as kids' programming evolves in the coming years, you can expect more lessons to make their way into episodes whether or not we realize it. 

What do you make of this study? Did you expect any other series to make this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.