Pokemon Sparks Curiosity with a 'Shocking' New Pikachu Game

Pokemon has released a whole slew of toys over the years, and some of them have become more [...]

Pokemon has released a whole slew of toys over the years, and some of them have become more beloved than others. When it comes to party games and the like, few tend to stick out, but fans have long asked for Pikachu to get his own special game. After all, the electrifying monster is the perfect mascot to make a shocking game for. And now, such a toy has been created for fans overseas.

Not long ago, Takara Tomy announced it was breaking the mold with its latest Pokemon toy. The Japanese brand confirmed plans to release a toy known as the Electric Shock Warning! Electric Shock Pikachu. The toy tasks fans with running a wand through Pikachu's tail without touching the sides lest they get shocked like Ash. But really, the game does little in the ways of electrocuting anyone.

pikachu toy pokemon
(Photo: Takara Tomy)

According to Takara Tomy, this game doesn't actually shock fans, so it is suitable for all ages. You might think the toy would shock you should you bump your wand onto Pikachu's tail, but that is not the case. The toy mimics the feel of being shocked by simply vibrating instead. This will give fans the chance to play the game with low stakes, and we're sure Ash wishes he could live with the same assurance. After all, he has been shocked a few times by Pikachu, so he knows the true pain of things

The Pokemon game also comes with a different set of rules to challenge fans. It suggests trying the game with your left and right hand at different times. You can use two hands as well or do other games like testing to see how many Pokemon you can name before you finish the loop. Other rules challenge fans to try with their eyes closed or when sharing the wand with another user. So if you have ever wanted to try a party game like this but for Pokemon, well - we can only hope Takara Tomy brings this item stateside!

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