Pokemon Voice Actor Talks Cilan's Return

Before Pokemon bids a fond farewell to Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as the stars of the anime adaptation, the television series is giving the anime protagonists the chance to reunite with some major players from the series' past. One of Ash's traveling companions, who first hit the scene during Pokemon: Black And White, is Cilan, who has returned to Ketchum's life as Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master looks to have Ash step down so that the likes of Liko and Roy can take his place in the future of the franchise.

With Ash winning the world championship thanks to his victory over Leon during the Masters 8 Tournament, Ketchum proved that despite this victory, he certainly isn't "bulletproof" as Misty's big comeback saw him losing his first battle since claiming the title of the best in the world. While Ketchum remains the world champion despite this loss, it was a friendly reminder that he still has a long way to go in his career despite his major win, with Ash still having a long career ahead of him considering the fact that he has eternally been ten years old since the anime series began over twenty years ago.

Pokemon: Cilan And Dent

The voice actor of Cilan, Mamoru Miyano, took the opportunity to discuss Ash's world championship victory while also chatting about his character's return after being away from the series for so long:

"The days spent working on Pokemon's animated series were an important time for me. I got to meet people whom I love deeply, learn a lot as an actor, and receive precious treasures that I carry with me all these years later. I'm really really happy to be coming back after roughly seven years away. Ash's victory both as Cilan and as someone who's been watching Pokemon ever since the original series from 1997, fills me with all sorts of emotions. Ah, where's my tissue..."

Miyano also took the chance to hint at the future lying ahead for his green-haired Pokemon trainer:

"In this next episode, Cilan's back after a long time away but is still just as much of a chatterbox as ever. You can count on him to bring in his specialized knowledge as he talks on and on like a machine gun. Look forward to see what kind of adventures await the excitable Cilan and his friends."

Via Dogasu