Rick and Morty: Christopher Lloyd Calls Doc Brown and Rick Brothers

Rick and Morty brought its fifth season to a close this month, and its finale was explosive to say the least. Leading up to the episode, fans were stunned when Adult Swim shared live-action promos for the series, and Christopher Lloyd donned Rick's lab coat. And if you worried about the actor's time as Rick, well - Lloyd says his time with Doc Brown made the gig simple.

This update comes from Paul B. Cummings, the director of the Adult Swim shorts. During a chat with Gizmodo, Cummings spoke about his time working with Lloyd, and the Back to the Future star was asked to unhinge himself for his performance as Rick. This instruction made Lloyd think hard about Rick, and he found a curious connection somewhere with Doc Brown.

According to Cummings, Lloyd opened up to the director about the tie. The actor admitted, "he felt that Doc Brown and Rick Sanchez were like brothers that took two very different paths in life." This point of reference gave Lloyd better context for the role. As you can imagine, Rick's live-action debut only benefitted from the realization, and Rick and Morty fans are desperate to see Lloyd return as the character.

For those who have watched the season five finale, you will know just how correct Lloyd's comparison is. On the surface, Doc Brown and Rick Sanchez have their similarities. The older men are considered crazed scientists, and their inventions are mostly ridiculed. However, they are supported by a younger lackey who joins them on adventures, and these missions take them to far-flung points in time.

These points of comparison are easy to note, but there is more to them. Doc Brown has a dark backstory, and at last, fans learned how Rick became as crazed as he is. The scientists are on two sides of the same coin, and Lloyd got to explore both regions. So if Adult Swim wants to do more of these live-action shorts, Rick and Morty fans wouldn't complain a single bit so long as Lloyd is involved. 

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