New Rick And Morty Promo Highlights The History of Adult Swim

Rick And Morty has easily become one of the most popular animated series to be released as a part [...]

Rick And Morty has easily become one of the most popular animated series to be released as a part of the Cartoon Network programming block known as Adult Swim, but the series surely wouldn't have been possible if not for the shows that came before it, which a new animated promo honors that ran during the recent Adult Swim Festival. With the story of the Smith family set to return for a fifth season, with future seasons currently being worked on as we wait, it's clear that Rick And Morty has a bright future ahead of it when it comes to its surreal adventures.

Adult Swim launched on Cartoon Network almost twenty years ago, offering fans of Cartoon Network the opportunity to watch animated series that were made for adults. As the programming block began to expand, it was given far more original shows while also diving into the world of anime as the years passed. In recent years, the afternoon programming block of Toonami on Cartoon Network was integrated into Adult Swim and a new era has begun for both. In the promo, Rick Sanchez comes across statues in honor of The Eric Andre Show, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Primal, and more!

The popularity of Rick And Morty has taken the world by storm and clearly become the most popular series on Adult Swim, though it has competition with other original animated series such as Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal, which paints a far different picture than the surreal adventures of the mad scientist and his hapless grandson. This Thanksgiving, fans will have the opportunity to into the entirety of Primal so far as Adult Swim will be running a marathon for the first two seasons.

The Adult Swim Festival took place last week, from November 13th to the 14th, mixing musical acts with big announcements for the programming block. While a release date for the fifth season wasn't confirmed during the Festival, fans were informed that they will have the opportunity to pick up a replica of the "Butter Robot" that Rick Sanchez was able to create in a matter of seconds.

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