Rick And Morty Gets Darker Thanks To This Berserk Crossover

Rick And Morty has ventured into a number of different dimensions during their insane adventures, but one fan has imagined what might be the darkest journey that the grandfather and grandson have ever taken by fusing the Adult Swim series with the dark fantasy tale known as Berserk. With the fifth season of Rick And Morty currently being worked on, the Adult Swim series has plenty of new seasons on the way based on its popularity, as fans of the Band of the Hawk still wait to see when Guts, Griffith, and the demonic entities known as Apostles will return to televisions.

Berserk might not have an anime currently running, but the manga is continuing to release new chapters from creator Kentaro Miura. With one of the latest chapters hinting that the end game for the black swordsman Guts might be in full swing, fans are waiting to see how the story of the Band of the Hawk will finally come to a close after the anime franchise has been running since the 1980s. Though Adult Swim, Toonami, and Cartoon Network have been responsible for bringing Rick And Morty to life, along with bringing over numerous anime series to North America, Berserk unfortunately never was made a part of the programming block.

This Reddit Artist was able to merge the two dark franchises together with one another in an ingenious way, by fusing Rick with the Behelit, which acted as a gateway between the human world and the world of the Godhand that would give birth to numerous "Apostles":

"I kid you not; he then turns himself into a beherit. His name is BeheRick. Funniest shit I've ever seen." from r/Berserk

Recently, the creators behind Rick And Morty have stated that they are currently working on the seventh season of the long running Adult Swim epic, showing that there's no signs of stopping for the surreal adventures of the Smith family any time soon. Though a release date has yet to be confirmed for the fifth season of the animated series, fans are waiting to see what insane adventures are on the way.


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