Rick And Morty Gets Possessed By The Venom Symbiote

Rick And Morty is one of the biggest animated series to arrive thanks to the Cartoon Network programming block of Adult Swim, and it seems as if this bizarre world has once again crossed over into the comic book world of Marvel with the elderly mad scientist being possessed by the alien symbiote known as Venom thanks in part to some ingenious fan art. With Venom set to return to the silver screen next year in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, fans are already starting to find interesting new ways to integrate the symbiote into new series!

Rick And Morty was confirmed to actually be a part of the Marvel Universe earlier this year, with the X-Universe dropping a fun easter egg wherein one of the "Marauders" was watching the series aboard a yacht. With the X-Men creating their own nation on the mutant island that goes by the name of Krakoa, the Marauders attempt to discover new mutants around the world in order to bring them back to this brand new sovereign nation. Led by the long time X-Man known as Kitty Pryde, she noted that the villain Pyro, and current member of the team, was watching the Adult Swim series while knocking back a few long island ice teas, confirming that Rick And Morty does in fact exist in this comic book universe.

Reddit Artist Cesarek13 shared this impressive crossover art that imagines the "darker side" of Rick Sanchez being infected by the Venom symbiote, adding a brand new wrinkle to the mad scientist that brings together this Adult Swim created world as well as the Marvel Universe:

Venom? How about TOXIN! (OC) from r/rickandmorty

This version of Rick Sanchez highlighted here was created when both the scientist and his grand son visited an alien spa and freed themselves of their "toxins", which unfortunately were able to take on physical forms and attempt to take out the "good" versions of themselves. Luckily, Rick And Morty were able to reunite with their "toxic selves", making their personalities whole once again.

Rick And Morty is looking to return with a fifth season and while a release date has yet to be confirmed, we wouldn't be surprised to see it arrive next year!


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