Rick and Morty Season 5 Drops Hilarious PlayStation 5 Easter Egg

Rick and Morty dropped a hilarious PlayStation 5 Easter Egg with Season 5's newest episode! The [...]

Rick and Morty dropped a hilarious PlayStation 5 Easter Egg with Season 5's newest episode! The fifth season of the Adult Swim animated series has aired its fair share of strange episodes as not only is the series going on its own original adventures, but it continues to pull in all sorts of fun pop culture references throughout. This ranges from the huge like the upcoming Voltron based episode coming next in the season, and a previous episode bringing in Hellraiser's Cenobites, and goes all the way to small to hilarious Easter Eggs that can be found in the dialogue.

The newest episode of the series sees Rick, Morty, and the United States President taking on an army of turkey turned super soldiers, and ended up leading to a fight between the President and the Turkey President (who was a turkey transformed with an injection of the President's DNA). When the President was dealt a major blow, his life hilariously flashed before his eyes and saw him thinking back to every generation of the PlayStation before ultimately declaring he wanted a PlayStation 5. Check it out below as spotted by @Acadius on Twitter:

Rick and Morty has made a number of video game references in the series' past, and like its other references, they range from big to small. This newest episode outright names each generation of the PlayStation, and further ties to one of the promos launched long before the release of the new season that saw Rick and Morty themselves openly promoting the PlayStation 5 as they hilariously counted the money they got paid for it behind them.

If you wanted to catch up with the newest season of Rick and Morty so far, the first episode is now streaming for free on YouTube and the rest of the season can be found on Adult Swim's website with a cable subscription. You can find the rest of the seasons now streaming with HBO Max. What did you think of this PlayStation 5 shout out in Rick and Morty's newest episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!