Which Rick and Morty Season 7 Opening Scenes Will Actually Be in the Show?

Rick and Morty Season 7's new opening teases the new episodes, but which of the scenes are fake outs?

Rick and Morty has debuted the first look at Season 7 with the opening credits sequence for the new episodes coming next month, but now the big question is which of the scenes teased will actually make it into the new season? Rick and Morty fans have plenty of experience seeing how Rick and Morty take on all sorts of wacky adventures in any season's opening credits sequence, but only a few of the scenes in the openings actually tease what's coming in the new episodes. But this time around it seems like there are better odds of actually getting to see these teases fleshed out than ever. 

The opening sequence for Rick and Morty Season 7 includes five different scenes that could be teasing what's coming in the new episodes, or could just be throwaway jokes for the opening itself. Odds are good that we'll see at least one of these ideas fleshed out in future episodes, but what are the odds of the others making it to the new episodes this season? Here's our theory for whether Rick and Morty's opening actually teases Season 7: 

Rick and Morty Season 7 Teases First Look at New Episodes

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Buff Summer

The first scene teases a buffed up Summer lifting Rick, and that seems like this is a tease for a future Rick and Morty Season 7 episode. Not only is it distinct in that Summer seems to be wearing some kind of armband (which likely made her buff and strong in the first place), but the two of them seem to be sharing dialogue with one another while she lifts him. Thus is could have been lifted from a future episode. As for which one? Maybe it's Episode 7, titled "Wet Kuat American Summer" as it's the only episode teasing Summer specifically. 

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Rick and Morty Dig Up a Zombie

The second scene sees Rick and Morty digging up a zombie, and this could really go either way. This could be just a gag for the opening, but also could be Rick's way of visiting an old friend he has. It looks so different from the others that this one seems most like it's just going to be a gag for the opening itself. 

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Beth and Space Beth Do a Dance

The Beths are also another duo that's hard to place in Rick and Morty Season 7's trajectory. They had a major episode of their own in Rick and Morty Season 6, and Space Beth has been fully incorporated into the Smith Family dynamic. but this one also seems like it's just a gag for the opening. Morty and Summer are seen at the feet of the ruling alien here, but that's not exactly a clue either. If Beth and Space Beth have an episode to work out their issues, this could be a big moment. 

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Rick and Morty Do Some Big Head Boarding

This one also seems like it's just a wild opening gag, but this one would be just fun to see in action so the hope is that it's in one of the upcoming episodes. The fifth episode of the season, "Unmortricken," specially teases that Rick and Morty would be "wilding out, Broh" are "getting up to stuff." That would be perfectly fitting for big head mode just so we can see more of these wild designs in action that force the duo to use their tongues for snowboarding.

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Jerry Does a Bloodsport Split

This is undoubtedly the standout scene in the Rick and Morty Season 7 overall as not only does it seem to linger around longer, but also because it's a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme's famous split between chairs as Frank Dux in Bloodsport. We could end up seeing some changes to Jerry in the coming season to shake up the Smith Family dynamic even more so (as we have already seen what a more competent Jerry could be like), and this would be a fun way to cap it off! 

Which of these scenes are you hoping to see more of in Rick and Morty Season 7? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!