Rick and Morty Showrunner Teases Pickle Rick's Return

Rick And Morty has had some insane episodes during the fifth season of the Adult Swim juggernaut, [...]

Rick And Morty has had some insane episodes during the fifth season of the Adult Swim juggernaut, with the Smith family tangling against the sea-faring Mr. Nimubs, Planeteers, decoy versions of themselves, and killer sperm, but it seems as if the showrunner behind the series, Scott Marder, has revealed plans to bring back a fan-favorite character. Pickle Rick has been one of the most popular versions of Rick Sanchez that was introduced in the third season, seeing the mad scientist turn himself into a pickle to escape family therapy while also running into some bloody adventures along the way.

During a recent interview with outlet Monsters & Critics, Marder had this to say about the possible return of Pickle Rick in the future of the series:

"I'll be tight-lipped about that. He certainly comes up in the [writer's room] plenty because he's left such a footprint on pop culture. I won't give anything away there."

Rick And Morty PIckle Rick
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

The showrunner obviously didn't confirm that Pickle Rick will be returning to the series but the fact that the character has been repeatedly brought back up within the writer's room definitely points to the idea that we might see this strange take on Rick Sanchez making a comeback. During his exploits in his Pickle form, Rick found himself building a mech suit made of rats' body parts, infiltrating a terrorist headquarters, fighting against a hardened warrior voiced by Danny Trejo known as Jaguar, and eventually returning to his family during their family therapy session.

While the fifth season is currently still airing episodes, the creative minds behind the series haven't been shy about the fact that future installments are currently in the works. In fact, the writers behind Rick And Morty are currently working on the seventh season of the Adult Swim series, touting the fact that the wait between seasons will be shorter this go-around.

Rick And Morty made headlines this month when a future episode was accidentally released on Amazon Prime in Canada, seemingly taking a swing at the medium of anime with its title of "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," which will feature the Smith family jumping into their very own version of Voltron.

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