Rick and Morty Stars Dish on Rick and Summer's Changing Dynamic (Exclusive)

Adult Swim's Rick and Morty has always centered around the relationship between a nihilistic genius inventor and his affable grandson, as well as the insane adventures the two of them often find themselves on. Over the years, however, another relationship has delivered plenty of intrigue as it has continued to evolve. Summer, Morty's older sister, stands up to their grandfather in a way Morty simply can't, and fans have become aware that she and Rick are a lot more alike than they'd want to admit.

Rick and Morty returns for the second half of its sixth season on November 20th, and members of the cast and creative team sat down with ComicBook.com's Nick Valdez ahead of the midseason premiere. Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the series and voice of Rick Sanchez, talked about the ever-evolving bond between Rick and Summer.

"Summer's always been a character who doesn't put up with Rick's sh-t and is willing to call him out and isn't really afraid of him," Roiland explained. "That's always been the case. I think it's interesting to see how their relationship has developed in a... She's just a more reliable, she can get [things] taken care of for Rick. He can trust her to handle sh-t. Whereas I think Morty, it's like he probably wouldn't trust with a hundred percent certainty to take care of something. I've found that to be a natural, interesting that side of the relationship."

"Even going as far back to season one, there's some really great Summer episodes that illustrate the relationship between Rick and Summer, like the Mr. Needful episode where Rick clearly feels threatened by her relationship with this other older male figure and it's just funny to see how far he's willing to go because of that," he continued. "Yeah, it's always been there I feel. I don't know, it's fun to play with it a more bit more."

Spencer Gammer, who voices Summer on the series, has similar thoughts on the Summer and Rick dynamic. They may be opposites in some ways, but their similarities are very easy to see.

"I agree. The seeds have already been sown for that to exist between them, and I think they're opposites in a lot of ways," Grammer added. "Youth, age and male, female, but very similar, which can be very fun."

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