Sailor Moon Fan Imagines the Anime's Best Aesthetic

The anime franchise of Sailor Moon has gotten a lot of play on social media thanks in part to the [...]

The anime franchise of Sailor Moon has gotten a lot of play on social media thanks in part to the "Re-Draw Sailor Moon Challenge" that had artists attempting to put their own spin on one particular scenes from, arguably, the biggest Shojo anime series with one fan artist deciding to give the show a makeover for a new generation! On top of this latest display, social media has given us a number of approaches to this Sailor Moon challenge by merging the franchise with some of the other heavy hitters of the anime world in Dragon Ball, One Piece, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Though a new Sailor Moon television series has yet to be announced, the Sailor Scouts should be returning this year with the upcoming feature length film of Sailor Moon: Eternal. With the coronavirus pandemic however causing a number of anime properties to either be delayed or canceled, we would imagine that the release is now tentative for the arrival of Serena and her companions that attempt to save the world from extraterrestrial threats that are usually looking to accomplish their goals of world domination.

Twitter Artist Gurepyon Art shared this modern take on the long running Shojo franchise, making us want a current re-telling of the series via an anime show that can once again explore the trials and tribulations of the Sailor Scouts who deride their powers from the planets:

Even with no major anime series to call its own in past years, Sailor Moon continues to release new merchandise and featured in avenues outside of the medium of anime itself. Universal Studios, for example, recently had a four dimensional attraction that had park patrons travelling through a brand new adventure of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. If you can believe it, there was even a Sailor Moon ice show that brought an Olympic level figure skater into the role of Serena! While the future of the anime is still unclear outside of Eternal, it will definitely be interesting to see if the anime returns at some point!

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