Transform With The New ’Sailor Moon’ Fashion Collection

A limited edition Sailor Moon fashion collection has hit the Hot Topic, Box Lunch, and Torrid [...]


A limited edition Sailor Moon fashion collection has hit the Hot Topic, Box Lunch, and Torrid family, and it's loaded with new looks for fans of all shapes and sizes.

We'll begin breaking down the Sailor Moon styles with the offerings from Torrid. Apparently, their lineup represents the "first plus-size Sailor Moon fashion collection" ever produced, though you'll find additional plus-size options in the collection from Hot Topic. You can shop Torrid's entire Sailor Moon fashion collection here. It includes the following items, all of which have been discounted by 25% or more for a limited time during their online-only sale:

  • Sailor Moon Patched Denim Jacket
  • Sailor Moon Skater Dress
  • Sailor Moon Cold Shoulder Dress
  • Sailor Moon Hooded Cardigan
  • Sailor Moon Kimono
  • Sailor Moon Leggings
  • Sailor Moon Lace Back Tank Top

Hot Topic's Sailor Moon lineup includes some of the same items from the Torrid collection, though you'll find the transformation brooch satin souvenir jacket here in both standard and plus sizes. Other items that are unique to Hot Topic include the transformation brooch crossbody bag, locket necklace, and the Sailor Moon symbols cardigan in both standard and plus sizes. A Princess Serenity dress, plad crop button-up, and crochet back tank top will also be added to the collection in the coming days. You can shop Hot Topic's entire Sailor Moon collection here. Take advantage of the 20% to 40% discounts while you can.


Finally, BoxLunch has some unique Sailor Moon items of their own in the form of an allover print blouse and a Luna and Artemis floral flannel button-up. They also have a selection of exclusive accessories that include bracelets, bows, earrings, and more. You can shop the entire Sailor Moon collection from BoxLunch right here. Again, many of the new items include a discount - 25% in this case - so don't wait too long to grab your favorite styles.

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