Sanrio and Nissin Dish Up Hello Kitty Cup Noodle and Gudetama Top Ramen Funko Pops


Sanrio, Nissin Foods, and Funko have joined forces to deliver a series of Hello Kitty figures enjoying Cup Noodles and some Gudetama figures enjoying Top Ramen. Actually, the lazy egg Gudetama IS the Top Ramen.

The common figures in the Nissin x Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection include Hello Kitty on a bike bringing home Cup Noodles in the basket and Hello Kitty in Cup Noodles. Both Pop figures are available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth now. As far as exclusives are concerned, Hello Kitty holding Cup Noodles and a fork is available to pre-order at GameStop. A sparkly Diamond Collection version of Hello Kitty in Cup Noodles will be coming to Hot Topic soon.


On the Nissin x Gudetama side, there's Gudetama in a shell, chicken-flavored Gudetama, and Gudetama in a Top Ramen boat. As you can see, Gudetama isn't too thrilled about being part of a Ramen lunch, but Gudetama is also too lazy to do anything about it. Pre-orders for all three of the Gudetama Top Ramen Pop figures are available here at Entertainment Earth now.

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