Sanrio Announces New Spring Anime

Sanrio has become a behemoth of a company, thanks in part to its MANY different characters that have spawned fashion lines, toys, merchandise, and anime series for many of the animals in their roster. Most popular among them is Hello Kitty, the story of a small white cat attempting to make her way in the world through light hearted adventures with her friends. Not satisfied with simply staying in the cute world of adorable felines, Sanrio also has Aggretsuko, the story of a working class red panda who expresses her emotions through death metal. Now, Sanrio is entering the world of anime once again with a brand new series!

Anime News Network shared the news via their Official Twitter Account that the upcoming anime from Sanrio, titled Mewkledreamy, will follow a tiny feline that falls from the sky and encounters a young girl, who discovers the cat has the alien ability to enter into her dreams:

Sanrio currently has over 450 (!) character within its employ, and keeps creating new characters as each year passes. Hello Kitty, originally created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu and has spawned over 50,000 products with her likeness on each in some form or fashion. The tiny white feline has become THE largest money making franchise in the world, raking in nearly $80 billion dollars of profit worldwide during its lifetime.

(Photo: Sanrio)

On the other end of the Sanrio spectrum sits Aggretsuko, which has become a worldwide sensation thanks to its acquisition by Netflix. The animated series which follows the titular character attempt to work her way through the world of mundane accounting work and the hectic times of dating in your 20s, Aggretsuko already has two seasons under her belt with a third on the way!

What do you think of the announcement of the upcoming anime series from Sanrio, Mewkledreamy? What's been your favorite Sanrio anime series so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and how to express your inner most feelings via death metal!


Sanrio's upcoming anime series for their most popular property, Hello Kitty, is currently scheduled for a release in 2021, and each episode will run about 11 minutes or so. Titled The World of Hello Kitty, the series will run for 52 episodes and is officially described as such:

"The World of Hello Kitty will feature the famous titular character along with her friends from the Sanrio universe as they try to live in harmony in their not-so-quiet neighbourhood. Kitty's friends are all very different and they each have their little quirks, so their tight-knit community is often put to the test. But at the end of the day, Kitty always brings them back together, because she accepts her friends for who they are."