Experience Shonen Jump's Future with This Epic Timeskip Poster

One of the biggest aspects of Shonen series is that the characters will often change over the years, with their stories seeing their anime protagonists aging dependant on the story line and the use of time skips, and one fan has created a collection of Shonen heroes that are at their "oldest". Weekly Shonen Jump has been the long running publication that has brought the likes of Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach to anime fans over the decades, and with the publication not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon, it will continue introducing new stories to audiences!

One of the biggest new Shonen Jump properties that is set to be released this fall is Jujutsu Kaisen, which is looking to be added to the roster of classic anime hits. The story, which follows a group of high schoolers that find themselves dragged into the world of the supernatural and "curses", is set to be released as one of the fall's premiere anime series and we would imagine if it hits hard enough with anime fans, it will be added to fan art collections such as this one wherein Yuuji Itadori can stand alongside Goku, Luffy, and Ichigo!

Twitter Artist TinaFate1 shared this impressive fan art that looks at the potential future looks of some of Shonen Jump's biggest characters, with Goku and Naruto looking similar to their current aesthetics, while Ichio and Luffy look a tad different from the characters that we know and follow today:

Recently, the characters pictured here were able to crossover under the banner of the vide game known as Jump Force, a fighting game that brought together a large number of heroes and villains featured in Shonen Jump. While Jump Force is simply the latest in a long line of games that brought all these anime universes together, we certainly wouldn't mind seeing Jump Force get an anime adaptation and see All Might fight Goku on the small screen!

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