How Solar Opposites Season 4 Handles Justin Roiland's Exit

Solar Opposites season 4 is finally here, and it has scrubbed any reference to co-creator Justin Roiland entirely.

It is finally here! After a long wait, Solar Opposites is back with a brand-new season. The sci-fi animated sitcom just brought a bunch of new episodes to Hulu, and it has been met with solid reviews despite recent drama. After all, its creator Justin Roiland made headlines months ago as news of his legal woes went public. And now that Solar Opposites is live, the show has scrubbed itself of Roiland's brand period.

The update was caught by fans who quickly tuned into Solar Opposites season 4 this week. It was there fans combed its episodes for any nod to Roiland. Unlike previous seasons, Roiland's name was not mentioned in the credits at all even as a creator. The actor-writer was mentioned in the credits in seasons 1-3 for his many roles including that of Korvo.

Of course, fans also noticed Solar Opposites season 4 updated the show's title card. In the past, the screen included text reading, "Created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahon." Now, the subtext has been omitted entirely from the card though McMahon is noted in the end credits.

As you can see, Roiland's work on Solar Opposites has been scrubbed very thoroughly, and we're not just talking about his voice acting. After Hulu split ways with Roiland, fans knew the space comedy was in for some big changes. Thankfully, Solar Opposites season 4 has been a blast, but longtime fans couldn't help but notice these little tweaks.

For those unfamiliar with the show's overhaul, Solar Opposites joined Rick and Morty as well as Koala Man in the fallout of Roiland's scandal. Earlier this year, news broke that the creator and actor had been arrested in August 2020 on charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment. The news prompted a wave of colleagues to share their own unsavory experiences with Roiland as some called the actor out for sexual harassment. This flood prompted brands like Adult Swim and Hulu to remove Roiland from his top series even after his charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. Solar Opposites rebounded by bringing in Dan Stevens to voice Korvo in season 4, but no word has been given on who will step in for Roiland in his other TV roles.

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