Spy x Family Places Loid Right in the Crosshairs

Some interesting new wrinkles have begun to develop for Yor and Loid Forger with the latest chapters of Spy x Family, and the newest chapter has taken things even further by putting a huge target on Loid's back moving forward! Although we have gotten many looks at Twilight's work as a spy the more he proceeds with Operation Strix, fans have not been given as much of a courtesy when it comes to Yor's line of work as an assassin. There have been brief looks at the "Garden" and Yor's boss before, but the newest update seems to made things worse for Loid.

While Yor has been trying her best to become a better mother to Anya through the course of their lives together so far, the newest chapters of the series have seen her get some help from a surprising new source. Coming across Damien Desmond's mother Melinda while out running errands, Yor has also discovered how important of a figure this woman is to the rest of the country. It's given Loid some new things to think about as he proceeds with his own plans, and Yor unwittingly put Loid in danger as a result of her doing her own job. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 66 of Spy x Family picks up shortly after Melinda fully introduces herself to Yor, and it's revealed that she has a great deal of importance as the First Lady of the country. And after getting approval from Loid to further pursue this relationship as friends (to which Loid had gone through a number of different considerations as he needs to alter Operation Strix and his various plans before doing so), and then Yor decides to check in with her boss, the Shopkeeper, to see if becoming friends with someone so important is really okay. 

It's then revealed that the Shopkeeper doesn't mind Yor pursuing the relationship at all, but teases that if something were to happen or her husband starts to think she has one-sided political beliefs. It's here that Yor reveals that Loid met with Desmond already and seems to align with his political beliefs (which is far from the truth) and this ominously gets the Shopkeeper's attention. It's unclear as to what that means for both Yor and Loid's future, but it could end up leading to a full clash between the two at some point in the future. 

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