Spy x Family Cliffhanger Shows Fans The Mother of Damien

Spy x Family has shaken things up in a major way as the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series has brought Damien Desmond's mother into the fold! Tatsuya Endo's original manga franchise might have taken over screens earlier this Spring with its official anime adaptation premiere, but the manga run of the series has been getting ready for its next major arc. With Anya Forger getting her second Tonitrus Bolt, Loid had been struggling with the fact that one of his Operation Strix plans seemed more farfetched than ever. But the newest chapter of the series offered quite the surprise.  

The newest chapter of the series shifts the focus away from Anya and Loid and follows Yor as she goes on a new errand to try and find something for Anya. She's been worried about whether or not she has been a good mother, and whether or not she will get better at it in the future, but she's gotten some help. After running into another mother while out running errands, Yor ends up stumbling into a group of supportive mothers who do activities together. But in this group she also meets someone surprising, Damien Desmond's mother. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 65 of Spy x Family sees Yor worrying about whether or not Anya has been getting along with Damien at school because she's the one that taught Anya to punch him in the first place. It all compounds into her general worries over whether or not she is not only a good mother to Anya, but looks like a proper mother in front of everyone else. While shopping through the mall, she ends up running into a woman and saves her from falling. From here, the woman is so impressed that she invites Yor to a volleyball game with her friends. 

After getting closer to this group of women, Yor finds out that one of them has a child at Eden Academy too. Finding out Yor's last name is Forger, the woman introduces herself as Melinda Desmond. She doesn't say she's Damien's mother, but she has a child in the same class so it's not hard to put the two things together. As for what to expect from Melinda going forward, the reveal seemed kind of tense so there's no telling what her motivations are from this point forward. 

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