Sword Art Online Shares Emotional Kirito and Suguha Scene

Sword Art Online: Alicization is nearing the end of the War of Underworld arc, and the newest [...]

Sword Art Online: Alicization is nearing the end of the War of Underworld arc, and the newest episode shared an emotional scene between Kirito and Suguha as the pressures of everything begin to wear on Kirito. The Alicization saga has been one of Kirito's longest ordeals yet, in quite the literal manner, as he has experienced what amounts to several multiple lifetimes while he was trapped in Underworld. With the newest episode of the series officially bringing him back to the real world, these multiple lifetimes were revealed to have taken a huge emotional toll on Kirito once he attempts to get back to regular life.

As Kirito begins to cry over Eugeo's death at the end of the newest episode, Suguha comes to his side to comfort him. Not immediately knowing the context of his emotional distress but understanding there was a problem, Suguha tells Kirito to open up with her about everything that happened to him in Underworld.

Wanting to know the good, the bad, and every other detail, Kirito begins to tell her about how he lived with Eugeo at the beginning of the season as the episode comes to a close. Kirito has not had a lot of time to truly process every thing that has happened to him since he fell into a coma, and Suguha finally gave him an avenue to do so.

What's interesting about this is how Suguha is the only one Kirito allows to see him in this state. Although he already had a reunion with Asuna, he kept up a brave front until he was at home. It's a reflection of just how much pressure he continues to be under as the savior of multiple worlds, and it's a further reflection of the kind of closeness (not that kind of closeness, however) the two siblings share after all this time. And at least Kirito is able to talk about this with someone he trusts!

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