Sword Art Online Reveals What Happened to Kirito and Asuna in Underworld

Sword Art Online had left fans hanging on a major cliffhanger during the Alicization saga as the last time we had seen Kirito and Asuna they were both resigned to being stuck in the Underworld for 200 years, and the newest episode of the War of Underworld arc revealed just a little of what they were up to during all of this time. After defeating Gabriel, Kirito and Asuna had made the ultimate decision to spend 200 years of their virtual lives together before being reunited in the real world. As we learn, the two of them eventually became the King and Queen of it.

The newest episode of the series brings the Alicization saga one step closer to its end as Kirito and Asuna return to the real world. Although Kirito immediately asks to have those 200 years of memories wiped away lest his mind crack under the pressure, flashes of this time briefly appear before his eyes as fans get just a little bit of the immediate fallout for the underworld.

Through Kirito's flashbacks we learn that Kirito and Asuna were so celebrated following Gabriel's defeat that they were able to unite the human territory with the forces of the dark territory. Eventually during this time span, the two of them go on to rule as the King and Queen of the Underworld.

Unfortunately, we don't get the full story of their 200 years together and we might never get that opportunity as the real world Kirito had his memories erased. There's a small hiccup in the fact that Underworld Kirito has been copied, and he's now on a mission to save the Underworld with a plan that he and Asuna had concocted during their time together. But while we may never get to see this time period, fans can rest easy knowing that the two them spent several happy life times together.


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