Sword Art Online Cosplay Highlights Sinon's Rare ALO Makeover

One awesome Sword Art Online cosplay has highlighted Sinon's rare avatar makeover for Alfheim Online! Although the first season of the anime adaptation for Reki Kawahara's original light novel series is often held in high regard, it's a much different situation for the second half of that debut season that launched Kirito and the others into a whole new type of game. This came with a fantasy setting and huge makeovers for the cast, and still remains a key part of the franchise in follow up seasons. It's why even later introduced characters like Sinon eventually get their own ALO avatars too.

Because of the returns to ALO as a steady virtual world for the characters to hang out in even after Kirito starts taking on intense new challenges in other games, we eventually got a fun new makeover for Sinon even though she came with the second season of the series. There was actually a brief arc where she helped Kirito during this time, and a makeover for her character gave her cat ears, wings and more. Now this rare makeover has been brought to life with magical cosplay from artist @kri_cos on Instagram! Check it out below:

It's going to be a while before we see any kind of incarnation of Sinon in action again, unfortunately, as Sword Art Online will be going back in time a bit with the next major entry of its anime franchise. The next major feature film project, Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night, is gearing up to premiere in Japan on October 30th and will be adapting the special Sword Art Online Progressive spin-off series written by original series creator Reki Kawahara. This spin-off goes back in time to the Aincrad arc.

This feature film will showcase a much closer look at the Aincrad arc as the spin-off takes more time to explore the floors originally skipped over by Kawahara in the original telling of the story. So we'll see lots of new takes on old stories and characters, but newer ones introduced later like Sinon will unfortunately be missing out on the big party this time around. But what do you think?


Where does Sinon's ALO look rank among your favorite makeovers for the heroine? Where does she rank among your favorite Sword Art Online characters overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!