'The Seven Deadly Sins' Movie Shares First TV Spots

The first ads for The Seven Deadly Sins full-length movie have begun to circulate online.

The clips offer a sneak peek at which characters will play a role in the upcoming movie, The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky. A few new faces will even be added, and fans can now get their first look at them. So far, the preview has been region-locked to Japan, though versions of it have leaked on platforms like Twitter.

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on Aug. 18. It features an original story by Nakaba Suzuki, acclaimed manga creator, and it picks up right at the end of the anime's first season, according to a report by Anime News Network.

Three new characters will debut in the film, as well as the remote land where a place called Sky Palace sits above the clouds. A young man named Sorada will make his first appearance. He is described as a "heavenly winged person," and he is on a mission to find "Lord Oshiro" in the hopes that he will help protect his home, Sky Palace, from the Demon Clan.

There is also Ellatte, another "heavenly winged person" dedicated to Sorada. She is anxiously awaiting his return, and it is noted that she bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth.

Finally, the TV spot introduces Bellion, the leader of the Demon Clan's Six Knights of Black. His strength apparently rivals that of the Ten Commandments.

The script reportedly comes from Makoto Euzu. Character designer Keigo Sasaki is returning to the series, while Norijuki Abe will work as chief director and Yasuto Nishikiata is directing for A-1 Pictures. The flim features music by Hikouki Sawano.


Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins was first published in 2012 in Weekly Shonen Jump. It takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the European Middle Ages -- filled with knights and biblical symbolism. While there are 31 volumes' worth of manga available, only two seasons of anime have been made so far. For English viewers there is even less -- as just the first season is available. Netflix acquired the exclusive streaming rights to the show, and its catalogue currently holds season 1 as well as a four-episode special called The Seven Deadly Sins - Signs of Holy War.

Still, the recent importation only means that the upcoming movie stands to make an even bigger impression on American viewers, who have just encountered the series. There is no word yet on when The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky will be available overseas.