The Witcher's First Manga Lands On Kickstarter

Geralt of Rivia recently appeared in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, the first animated movie documenting the early days of Vesemir and the fall of Kaer Morhen, and now, the video game franchise is diving into the world of manga via a new campaign that has just landed on Kickstarter. The Witcher: Ronin has already made around $500,000 USD since arriving on the platform and it seems that there are plenty of fans of the supernatural series that are dying to see Geralt and company appearing in an entirely new medium, while also living in a world that is far more like feudalistic Japan than what we've come to know via the CD Projekt property.

The details regarding The Witcher's first manga, and Kickstarter campaign, can be seen below, with the property clearly making some big moves following the increased popularity that it found thanks to Netflix's live-action series starring Henry Cavill as everyone's favorite monster-slaying bounty hunter:

The writer of the series, Rafal Jake, went into detail regarding why he decided to give Geralt a fresh new aesthetic and world with the arrival of his first manga:

"I personally love the new monsters and folk tales we can experiment with. Both Europe and Japan have a unique tradition in this area, and bringing iconic Japanese stories and monsters and fitting them in a Witcher Context was the most exciting thing for me."  

If you're unfamiliar with this project, the official description for this major Kickstarter reads as such:


"To bring this ambitious what-if? scenario to life, CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, have assembled a dedicated creative team made up of talented individuals who all wanted to explore a different take on the world of The Witcher. Instead of taking inspiration from western, European mythology and fairy tales, The Witcher: Ronin presents The Witcher universe as if it were based around the rich traditions of Japanese folklore. In a world such as this, the role of a professional monster slayer is just as essential — as dangerous Yokai and Oni (Japanese spirits and demons) are constantly on the prowl."

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