'Tokyo Ghoul' Just Saw [SPOILER] Try To Kill Touka

Tokyo Ghoul isn’t known for its happy endings, but fans are willing to go to bat for Touka. The heroine has been one of Sui Ishida’s biggest creations, and Touka’s love affair with Kaneki stands as one of the franchise’s high points. So, you can understand why readers are none too happy that Tooru Mutsuki just tried to kill Touka.

Over in Japan, the most recent chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re just went live, and the update did not go well for Mutsuki. The chapter picked up as the CCG and ghouls teamed up to find Kaneki after he was consumed by his errant Kagune. Touka remembered she had given a wedding ring to Kaneki to signal their love for one another, and Tokyo goes on a hunt to metal detect Kaneki within the mess.

As Touka goes on her search, the ghoul comes face-to-face with an enemy she wold rather avoid. The girl is ambushed by Mutsuki who tries to take out Touka with little remorse.

“You’re a Dove, aren’t you? Given the situation, everyone is standing together to try and do something about it. But why do you insist on getting in the way,” Touka shouts, asking Mutsuki why he would try to kill Touka and keep her from finding Kaneki.

Of course, the CCG member has a creepy answer to Touka’s cry.

“I don’t care,” the crazed character says. “As long as he doesn’t become someone else’s, I don’t care!”


If you are not immediately familiar with Mutsuki, then you should know the CCG hunter has a serious obsession with Kaneki. The temperamental boy met Kaneki when the latter was going by the name Sasaki, and Mutsuki grew close to him as a mentor. When Kaneki regained his original identity and went back to the ghoul community, Mutsuki grew jealous and developed an obsession with killing the half-ghoul. Mutsuki then transferred his outright hatred to Touka since she was close to Kaneki, and that feeling only appears to have deepened since the ‘Clown Siege’ saga ended.

Do you think Touka will finally put an end to Mutsuki after their latest encounter? Or will the CCG maniac manage to take the ghoul out? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!