Trigun Stampede Reveals New Clip For Episode 2 (Exclusive)

Following the big news that the original English Vash The Stampede, Johnny Yong Bosch, would be returning to the role following his original take on the character in the 1998 anime adaptation, Trigun Stampede is continuing to release new episodes following this new iteration of the Humanoid Typhoon. Before episode two arrives, we have a special clip from the upcoming episode that will see Vash facing down some familiar foes from the original series who have also been given a brand new aesthetic.

The Nebraska Family weren't exactly major villains in the original anime's story, but they caused Vash a headache in the early days of his adventures, much as they are set to do in the latest series. One major change made to the Nebraskas this time around is making Gosef, the mechanical abomination of the clan, far smaller than his original counterpart, albeit still apparently just as deadly. With the first episode bringing back not just Vash, but Meryl as well, it will be interesting to see not only which characters from the original series will return, but how they will differ thanks to the new designs created by Yasuhiro Nightow and the animations at Studio ORANGE.

Nebraska Stampede

On the subject of villains, what we've seen so far from the big bad of the new anime series, Knives is set to look quite different from how he appeared in the original anime series. Wearing an alien-like hood, it's clear that though Vash's brother might have a new look, his motivations and character might still be just as nefarious as they were originally. Along with Knives, we've gotten glimpses of the likes of Monev The Gale and Legato Bluesummer in promotional material for Trigun Stampede, though much like Millions, they too look a tad different. 

At present, it hasn't been confirmed whether Trigun Stampede has any attachment to the original series, with clues lending to both theories that this is either a reboot or a prequel to the original series. As the show goes on, however, we might get more hints as to whether this is the Vash we know or a new take on the character.

Which Vash The Stampede has the better look? Which original Trigun villain are you hoping to see make an appearance in Trigun Stampede? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Humanoid Typhoon. 

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