Trigun Stampede Team Talks CG Animation For New Series

Trigun Stampede didn't just change the look of Vash the Stampede, but the anime studio ORANGE has changed the art style as well. Using computer-generated animation in bringing the humanoid typhoon back to life, we had the opportunity to chat with the creators behind the new series at Anime Expo, specifically asking whether there were any challenges in using this new CG style when it came to bringing back Vash the Stampede.   

At this year's Anime Expo, the creator of Trigun himself, Yasuhiro Nightow was in attendance, along with producer Kiyotaka Waki and producer Katsuhiro Takei, to answer our questions with regards to the return of Vash The Stampede. When our own Megan Peters asked about any potential challenges that arose from the new art style of the anime, here's what Kiyotaka Waki had to say: 

"Everything started out with Nightow and then designing the concept art and character concepts. However, these designs are not something that we could use to use as a design for animation. So, director Muto, he took the time to understand and interpret the designs before having actual designers interpret the looks for animation."  

On top of this question, creator Nightow took the opportunity to explain how he felt this new series would stand out from the original, which was animated by Studio Madhouse in the late 1990s:

"So when they were developing this Trigun, I saw that they were taking elements from my comic and expanding it, rearranging it, restructuring it, redesigning it, and adding depth to it. They're trying to raise the quality of the show as well. I thought that there might some changes, but once they took all of the series in and started adapting it onto film, I felt that this is still Trigun. This is Trigun. I want the fans to know is that I really want them to watch this. And after watching, I think that you'll feel the same way as me – that this in some way is also Trigun."  

What do you think of Trigun Stampede's new art style from what Madhouse had produced previously? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Vash The Stampede.