Adult Swim's Uzumaki Reveals Japanese Voice Cast

Uzumaki is easily one of the biggest properties created by the master of horror manga in Junji Ito and Adult Swim has been creating an adaptation that has fans beyond excited to once again dive into the cursed village, and the series has just revealed the Japanese voice cast for the first episode of the anime. The mini-series got a lot of fans' attention when the trailer was revealed to look far closer to the source material than any other adaptation by Ito in the past, including the likes fo the Junji Ito Collection, Gyo, and more.

Production IG teamed up with Cartoon Network in the creation of this series, showing that the programming block of Adult Swim is diving into more original series of their own. Uzumaki was first released as a manga by Junji Ito several decades ago in 1998, detailing the terrifying experience of an isolate town that is beset by a curse that has the villagers experience an obsession with spirals in a number of different and horrifying ways. One of Ito's major strengths was combining the mundane with the supernatural, and Uzumaki does this in spades by presenting scenarios that see the incorporation of spirals used to bone chilling effects along the way.

Uzumaki's anime shared this voice cast for the first episode of the mini series that will be released on Cartoon Network, also noting that cast photos would be on the way to boot, hyping fans up for the arrival of the spine tingling tale from the mind of Junji Ito:

With San Diego Comic Con happening this week, promising to dive into the world of Adult Swim virtually, we are crossing our fingers that we'll see more information released about the upcoming Junji Ito adaptation, whether that be through a new trailer for the anime or perhaps with a release date. While many series have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world of anime, Uzumaki has reported that there have been no bumps in production, hinting that the release might not be too far away!

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