Junji Ito Interview Reveals New Details For Uzumaki Anime

In a recent interview with Crunchyroll, the master of manga horror, Junji Ito, gave several [...]

In a recent interview with Crunchyroll, the master of manga horror, Junji Ito, gave several updates on the upcoming anime series of one of his greatest works in Adult Swim's Uzumaki. The story, which centers on a town that is under the sway of a curse, focuses on an obsession with spirals which emerges in some truly terrifying ways. The interview itself not only gave us a number of new facts about the development of the new Uzumaki series, but also gave us an interesting look into Junji Ito's past and how he became one of the masters of horror!

Ito, during the interview, dived into his past when he was an aspiring mangaka, spending his days working as a dental assistant, which clearly has been put to use considering how many of his stories have terrifying characters with jacked up teeth. On top of this, Junji also shows a personality that one wouldn't believe is a horror master, as his quiet demeanor and clam personality demonstrate that you can't judge a book by its cover.

With the upcoming anime of Uzumaki, Junji Ito confirms in this interview that the script has been completed and that he has had the opportunity to approve it. He also notes that the anime adaptation will make some changes from the original manga, with some characters that died earlier in the story having larger roles. Uzumaki itself did have some central characters that it followed but also had something of an anthology structure in that we see a number of different instances of how this terrifying curse weaves its way throughout the small mountain town.

Like so many other stories created by Junji Ito, we focus on a mundane scene that is infected by a supernatural force that can be difficult for fans to wrap their heads around when it comes to their origins. The original trailer for Uzumaki's upcoming anime series from Production IG and Cartoon Network was universally praised with its black and white style and it definitely has fans excited to see how this latest adaptation plays on the small screen.

With the series originally gaining its own live action adaptation with a feature length film years ago, fans of Uzumaki are hoping that the anime will truly live up the high quality art work and story telling that Junji Ito has made standard throughout his career.

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