Junji Ito Wishes COVID-19 Away with a Terrifying New Monster

Junji Ito has created some of the most nightmare inducing creatures in the world of manga and anime, but now he is using one of his terrifying creations to help in defeating the coronavirus pandemic! Ito has made a name for himself with spooky stories such as Uzumaki, Gyo, Tomie, The Enigma of Amigara Fault, and countless others that do a fantastic job of blending the world of the supernatural and the mundane. With an upcoming Cartoon Network Adult Swim show that will bring to life the cursed town that is obsessed with spirals, it's definitely looking like a good year for Ito!

Earlier this year, the adaptation of Uzumaki gave an update on the project, stating that the series has not been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic and is still continuing to fire on all cylinders with a tentative release date of some time this year. Though the manga series has received a live action feature length film in the past, fans have been beyond hyped since seeing the first trailer for the series from Adult Swim that incorporates the art style of Junji Ito with an amazing black and white style!

Junji Ito shared the brand new terrifying creation that goes by the name of "Amabie", a monster of Japanese folklore that apparently had the ability to put a stop to epidemics, as well as a message that he "hopes that everything returns to normal soon":

The first anime series that dropped from the works of Junji Ito came in the form of the Junji Ito Collection, though it was one that many fans simply weren't able to warm up to as they believed it didn't live up to the mangaka's legendary art work! Ito has had another of his works animated however as the fishy, spooky tale of Gyo was given a feature length film that animated the denizens of the sea crawling to the surface world with legs that looked like those of a spider's. Needless to say, Ito is a master at his craft and we hope that his recent portrayal of the monster of Japanese folklore is successful at its task!

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Via SoraNews24