Vampire Hunter D Actress Satoko Kito Dies at 58

Anime fans are mourning the loss of an industry star as actress Satoko Kito has passed away. New reports from Japan confirm the actress died on Friday, May 1 after struggling with an illness. She was 58 years old.

Reports from Anime News Network were unable to identify the illness which Kito succumbed to. Arts Vision was the first outlet in Japan to share this tragic news as the talent agency represented Kito. Now, fans of the actress are left to morn as Kito had a lengthy career in anime.

The star was best-known for her work in Vampire Hunter D. Kito played Lamika in the 1985 OVA for the franchise, and she also starred in the Bakuso Kyodai Lets's & Go!! as well as Attacker You!. These old-school series helped solidify Kito's place in the anime industry, and she used her reputation to book smaller roles in shows such as Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Pokemon, and many more.

Outside of anime, Kito enjoyed doing narration work and even lent her voice to the Sister Princess video games. Like many other voice actors, Kito was case to dub over English films for native Japanese speakers, so she oversaw roles in series such as Desperate Housewives, ER, and more.

Our thoughts are with Kito's loved ones during this difficult time. If you have a favorite performance from the actress, please share it with us in the comments below.