Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Celebrates Halloween With New Dark Magician Girl Art

Yu-Gi-Oh's creator celebrated the spooky Halloween holiday with new Dark Magician Girl art! The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise might have started out in much more humble, and far darker origins than where it all is now, and it's no real mystery as to why it's blown up the way it has. Originally crafted as a much darker story of an Egyptian spirit hiding within the Millennium Puzzle, it started off with a series of death games that were far different than what the later anime would have you believe. 

The shift in the series began when series creator Kazuki Takahashi began introducing a card game into these death games, and these went on to be so successful with fans that the series was soon shifted to be all about this trading card game going forward. Not only that, but each monster, spell, and trap card designs were majorly cool designs as well. Such as the design for the Dark Magician Girl, and Takahashi brought this fan favorite back to the spotlight for a special celebration for Halloween in some cool new art on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Yu-Gi-Oh's anime and manga franchise has evolved to an entirely different kind of place from that point, however. Although it had started off at such a dark concept, the series has since changed in many significant ways since the release of that original series. Through several sequels, spin-offs, and more, the franchise has become different and has changed not only its rosters and themes each new season but has added new rules to the real life trading card game as well. 

But the reason fans have come to love the series throughout the years is that each new generation introduces a new set of fan favorite monster designs. While the Dark Magician Girl remains a major fan favorite over the years following her debut in the original series, there have been many more new magicians added to the roster since then. Then again, there's a reason Dark Magician Girl returned for this special holiday celebration. What do you think? 


Where does Dark Magician Girl rank among your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh monsters overall? Which generation of the series has been your favorite? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!