New Yu Yu Hakusho Poster Confirms Netflix Casting News On The Way

Yu Yu Hakusho first arrived in the 1990s by telling the story of Yusuke Urameshi as he is dragged into a world of the supernatural as a newly appointed spirit detective. With Netflix set to release a live-action adaptation of the series that spawned from the mind of Toshihiro Yogashi, the voice actor that will be playing Yusuke Urameshi has been revealed with a new poster confirming that the streaming service will be revealing more casting information in the near future.        

Like a number of other anime franchises, the star of the anime series wasn't exactly on friendly terms with his supporting cast when the Shonen franchise began. Yusuke had attended school with Kuwabara, with the hot-headed energy sword wielder itching to fight Urameshi far more than help him out. When Kuwabara learned that he had the ability to access the supernatural world, he joined in Yusuke's quest, running into Hiei and Kurama originally as opponents before eventually becoming a fit fighting team at the end of the first arc. Needless to say, plenty of fans of Yu Yu Hakusho will be interested to see which actors portray these beloved anime heroes.

Netflix Anime released the first poster for the upcoming live-action adaptation, which features Yusuke readying to fire off his patented Spirit Gun attack, while also seeing Kurama with his standard rose, Hiei readying to release the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, and Kuwabara throwing off his jacket to get ready to enter the fray: 

Yu Yu Hakusho isn't the only live-action anime adaptation that the streaming service is currently working to bring to life, with One Piece and Avatar The Last Airbender also set to receive new series. While the first season of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop was controversial amongst anime fans and wasn't renewed for a second, it seems that Netflix is full steam ahead when it comes to bringing animated series into the world of live-action.

The upcoming series hasn't revealed the precise date that it will hit the streaming service, though fans can expect it to hit Netflix in December of next year, 2023. 

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