Yu Yu Hakusho's Netflix Director Talks The Action of The Series

Yu Yu Hakusho has been known, perhaps more so than anything else, for its action scenes, with the Shonen series running Yusuke and his fellow spirit detectives through the wringer via various demonic tournaments and villains erupting from the underworld. With Netflix creating a live-action adaptation of the series, the director of the show took the opportunity to hype up the action scenes while also sharing that the visual effects for the story of the spirit detectives will be something to keep an eye on for fans.   

In talking with IGN, Tsukikawa detailed how he was originally blown away that a live-action adaptation was happening, while also taking the opportunity to dive into the appeal of the story of the spirit detectives:

"When I first heard about Yu Yu Hakusho receiving a live-action adaptation, I honestly wondered if it would even be possible—but after being presented with the producer's vision and possibilities with Netflix, my expectations grew and I found myself burning with passion to make this project come to life. More than anything, I think the appeal of Yu Yu Hakusho comes from its characters, which is why I wanted to highlight the appealing relationships and battles in Yu Yu Hakusho,"

Discussing his upcoming adaptation further, Sho also praised the visual effects that will be used in the upcoming live-action adaptation, going so far as to say that the "work will speak for itself":

"The visual effects we use are quite advanced, as we utilize cutting-edge technology, aimed for the best quality we can achieve. Lastly, from the very beginning, we were strongly aware of creating a series for a global audience. Just like when I first heard about this adaptation, there may be people out there who feel it's an impossible undertaking, but no matter how many ways I express how I feel, I believe the work will speak for itself and prove it's possible. I will continue to pour my heart and soul into the project to deliver the best entertainment from Japan to the world."

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