Savage Dragon "Superfan" Gavin Higginbotham Named Series Editor

Last week, Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen tweeted that "As of Savage Dragon #184 @GavHigginbotham will be listed as the editor--more accurately--he's the guy who helps me keep track of s--t."

Regular readers will know Higginbotham as one the (okay, THE) most active Savage Dragon fans on the Internet and an effective evangelist for the series. He maintains the Savage Dragon Wiki and conducts the regular commentary interviews with us here at (and has, going back all the way to February 2010 when the feature was still at Newsarama). Back then, Larsen introduced him as a "Savage Dragon super fan."

The jump from being a fan, though, to being a credited part of the creative team is a big one. What made Larsen decide to make an honest man out of Higginbotham?

Well, as it turns out, it's just that Higginbotham has been doing the work, on his own and because he loves Savage Dragon, for quite a while.

"He's not the editor in the traditional sense," said Larsen when asked about why he gave Higginbotham the title now. "It's more of a case of him helping me keep track of stuff and remind me of things I missed. He's acting as a continuity cop of sorts and it's very much appreciated. He's been doing this for a while now and I just thought I should make it official."

The latest issue of Savage Dragon--#184, Higginbotham's first issue as editor--hit the stands yesterday. Our monthly commentary will be along in six hours or so and, ironically, Higginbotham wasn't able to join us this month.