Amazing Spider-Man Set Photo: "The Passage"

Is Spider-Man headed back to the scene of one of his most famous movie battles?

It's distinctly possible, as Spider-Man's climactic scene took place at Roosevelt Island in New York...and the latest set photo from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teases Franklin Delano Roosevelt as apparently being important.

Of course, there's the outside chance that Marc Webb, who tweeted it, is just having some fun with the fans; as he and Bryan Singer tweet a new image from the set every day, one has to wonder how many of them are just "some odd thing I noticed today. Let's see what the Internet will do to lend it significance."

Of course, the caption--"the passage"--doesn't have anything that's immediately obvious to do with Roosevelt. It is the name of a vampire novel by Justin Cronin, which some fans will likely see as a connection to Morbius, the Living Vampire. Morbius, of course, has been rumored to be a part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the past.