X-Men: Days of Future Past Rumors Conflict on Whether Halle Berry's Storm Plays a Major Role or Not

stormAccording to the New York Daily News, Halle Berry's Storm has been almost completely cut out of X-Men: Days of Future Past and will only appear in one scene. Superhero Hype, meanwhile, has their own anonymouse source that says differently.

If true, the Academy Award-winning actress will be the second original X-Men character to see her screen time substantially reduced; earlier in the production, it came out that the then-current cut of the movie had removed Rogue's only scene.

"While filming, her role was reduced due to [Berry's] pregnancy, but it turned out to be more of a cut than was expected. 'She only has one line in the whole movie,' our source says. 'They're not telling her until the movie comes out,'" reports the Daily News.


That last bit seems unlikely given that director Bryan Singer has already outlined the way he approached Anna Paquin when Rogue was cut completely from the film last year (it was later rumored, but never confirmed, that she picked up an extra scene in reshoots). Since he has just as much a relationship with Berry (at least professionally) as he does Paquin, a "surprise! You're cut!" would seem out of character.

Comic book movie news-and-rumor site SuperHeroHype waited longer than most to pick up on the story last night and then reported it with the addendum that they have "spoken to a very trusty source of the site, who says there is no truth to what the NY Daily News is claiming." They added, "She does some cool stuff in the movie."

The film is due out in May and another trailer is expected along any time now, so it shouldn't be long before somebody clarifies the situation.

Singer, often one to tweet news but rarely one to discuss it beyond the headline on Twitter, was online earlier today to tell fans that he was doing ADR (dialogue replacement) with Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast), but did not address the Storm rumors.