Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas on iZombie: "We're Not Sticking That Close to the Comic"

rob-thomas-dan-etheridge-location-scouting-for-izombieFans worried that Olivia "Liv" Moore's adventures in homicide detection may not much resemble Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's acclaimed Vertigo comic iZombie can begin the process of lowering their expectations: showrunner Rob Thomas, while promoting Veronica Mars, confessed to IGN that his version of iZombie shares only the broadest concepts with the comic on which it's based.

"They want a new, sort of cool lead for The CW," Thomas admitted. "So they are asking me to write it in the tone that I normally write. It will not be 'Zombie Apocalypse Show;' it will be fun, cool, smart, funny single-female lead who happens to be a zombie. She has to eat brains in order to survive....We're not sticking that close to the comics; the thing we're taking from the comic is this mid-20s female zombie who eats brains and gets the memories of the dead...but we put her in a coroner's office so there's a case-of-the-week where she gets snippets of memories of the deceased and tries to solve the crime."

In the comics, Liv is called Gwen, and she's not a med student but a gravedigger. In that series, her friends are fantastical creatures rather than (presumably) attractive, CW-friendly people.