Dan DiDio Teases Booster Gold as "Key" To the Future of the New 52

During a staged sequence for DC All Access, DC Entertainment's YouTube series, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio teased Booster Gold as a key book coming up in September.

A one-shot released during DC's Futures End month of Five Years Later comics, Booster Gold is particularly an interesting character for the series because of his time-travel ability. Given the difficulty with which anyone has traveled through time since the launch of the New 52, the Five Years Later reality has been particualrly startling for its seeming inevitability. After all, the events that are taking place now will set the stage for it, and Batman Beyond -- the one character with knowledge to prevent it from occurring -- missed his target and ended up stranded somewhere between our time and his with no way of moving backwards.

I'll let you connect your own dots, but Dan Jurgens, who wrote the one-shot, has confirmed for ComicBook.com in the past that Booster is still operating as a Time Master and has access to Vanishing Point in this reality.

You can check out the segment below. Next month, DC's Five Years Later event should kick Futures End to the next level.

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