The 2018 Golden Issue Award for Best Colorist

With 2018 drawing to a close, we at are continuing the tradition of showcasing the [...]

With 2018 drawing to a close, we at are continuing the tradition of showcasing the greatest talent and creations in the medium by honoring them in the third annual Golden Issue awards!

For this entry, we are looking at the contributions of color artists throughout the year. Ever since the beginning of the industry, printing technology has continually improved and allowed for more intricate artistry to shine on the page. And every year, a handful of artists continue to push the boundaries with their mastery of hues, values, and intensity.

Writers and sequential artists tend to receive all of the praise for their comics, but many of the best titles wouldn't be the same without the deft work of their color artists. And the winner this year continues to execute at the top of their craft, earning the award for the second year in a row.

The 2018 Golden Issue Award winner of Best Colorist is...


Tamra Bonvillain! Again!

Bonvillain continues to churn out some of the most vibrant and beautiful comics in the industry, maintaining her standard of excellence with titles like Milk Wars, Border Town, and more. Her contributions of the tie-in books to the Batman/Catwoman wedding event stood out among the rest. But it's one of her longest running works that continues to impress.

After 30 issues, Bonvillain's collaboration with Steven Cummings continued to impress, making Wayward one of the most consistent titles released by Image Comics. Just her work on the covers alone are indicative of her talent, but flipping through the pages cements her among the legends of the industry.

Bonvillain beat out some great talent once again, from Marte Gracia and Justin Ponsor's Marvel work to Dave Stewart continuing to define the aesthetic of the Black Hammer universe. And, as always, Matt Wilson raises the bar with every issue, especially with his work on The Wicked + The Divine. But there can only be one winner, and Bonvillain is more than deserving.

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List of Nominees:

  • Tamra Bonvillain (Wayward) [WINNER]
  • Dave Stewart (Black Hammer: The Quantum Age)
  • Justin Ponsor (Avengers)
  • Marte Gracia (Extermination)
  • Matt Wilson (The Wicked + The Divine)