Riverdale to Travel Back in Time in Archie: 1955

The Riverdale gang, headed up by the one and only Archie Andrews, is heading back to 1955 in a miniseries from the same folks that brought Archie: 1941 to comics. Rather that heading to war, this specific set of issues will see the group get a bit more musical.

According to the press release, Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn will write the series while artist Tom Grummett will provide pencils. Bob Smith will serve as inker with colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Jack Morelli doing what they do best on the book.

The five-issue miniseries puts Archie and the gang in 1955 to then follow him through that era's rock scene. "When Archie proves to a local DJ that he's got the talent for hip-shaking stardom," the press release states, "he begins an ascent to fame that will carry with it both triumph and tragedy."

You can check out the cover to Archie: 1955 #1 below:

(Photo: Archie Comics)

"As a boy who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, I've been a rock-origins aficionado my entire life," Waid notes in the official press release. "Archie: 1955 is my chance to visit that era I so love, and do it with an Archie spin. As with Archie: 1941, we're very true to the time while telling a story in a modern way that's exciting and dramatic. Using Archie as a lens through which to really examine the beginnings of rock 'n' roll is a blast."


"As a teen in high school, I had two ambitions: comic book artist and rock star," Grummett adds. "My guitar skills being what they were, rock star was pretty much off the table. It's going to be a kick to explore what might have been through Archie and his friends, at the very birth of rock 'n roll."

Archie: 1955 #1 is currently scheduled to release on September 18th.