Black Widow Gets a New Costume and a New Home

Marvel is ushering in a new era for Black Widow this year and she'll be getting a new costume to [...]

Marvel is ushering in a new era for Black Widow this year and she'll be getting a new costume to show for it. In the brand new cover reveal for Black Widow #6, Natasha Romanoff gets a brand new look for her solo series; the new costume was designed by artist Elena Casagrande, who launched the series with writer Kelly Thompson last year. Along with the new look, Black Widow will be going through a change of scenery as well in what's become a Marvel rite of passage as she moves to San Francisco. This location has served as the base of operations for Venom, Daredevil, and the X-Men in recent years.

Take a look at Black Widow's new costume below:

black widow costume redesign elena casagrande
(Photo: Elena Casagrande)

Casagrande spoke about the new redesign, explaining the influences from popular artists such as John Romita Jr. and Chris Samnee in her work. She also speaks about the influence of the California city and how that will factor into the upcoming storyline.

"I created Nat's new costume working as a full team with Kelly and Sarah (writer and editor). The first directives were to add high-tech elements and think of Nat as a vigilante, but at the same time not weigh her down, visually speaking, and still maintain the lines of the classic Romita and Samnee costume," said Casagrande. "I immediately appreciated the idea of thinking of her suit as a suit that enhances her strength, that has a technology that makes her more powerful and resistant: we realized the idea through the red lines on the hips, which when Nat uses it at full capacity, light up."

She added, "Another directive was to make its logo 'hidden', not immediately visible, and even here in the end I did a job of reduction, rather than illusion. I started getting inspired by the motocross and parachuting suits, and then streamlined their appearance and approached the widow's most classic outfit. The 'gadget' that we kept, however, was the jacket with hood and parachute on the back (in fact!), to give her a sort of 'mask' on her face and to make it easier for her to move between the skyscrapers of San Francisco."

Check out the synopsis for Black Widow #6 below:

black widow 6 cover
(Photo: Adam Hughes)

KELLY THOMPSON (W) • Rafael de Latorre (A) • Cover by ADAM HUGHES
Natasha Romanoff has just been through the most emotional adventure of her long life, and the experience has left her looking to do things a bit differently. Allies new and old will come to her aid for this bold new mission best described as...San Francisco now belongs to THE BLACK WIDOW.