Captain Marvel's Kelly Thompson Breaks Down Last of the Marvels Part 1 and Teases the Future (Exclusive)

Captain Marvel's anticipated Last of the Marvels arc hit the ground running in issue #32, delivering an action-packed chapter with some big twists that knocked Carol for a loop, and the story's next anticipated chapter hits next week in Captain Marvel #33. We left off with Carol getting to Kamala Khan right before she's been completely taken over by the alien suit that caused Carol to attack her teammates, and had a chance to talk to writer Kelly Thompson all about the first issue and what's in store for the next chapter and the series as a whole, and you can find an exclusive preview of issue #33 right here!

Thompson has wanted to get to a point where she could bring in Captain Marvels of the past, and The Last Avenger was the point where it all became clear how to make that happen.

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"Well, I'd say that I was planning it in the sense that I knew if we got a long enough run, a story with the current and former Captain Marvels would be a must. But it was definitely The Last Avenger that gave me the idea for how we could do it in a way that would both resonate for readers and also tie to the ideas and themes of this run," Thompson said.

The first former Captain we see freed from the suit's control is Phyla-vell, and that first reveal spot was a choice between Phyla and another heavy hitter in Captain Marvel's world.

"We wanted Carol to really be questioning who it could be - and considering all options, including that it could be a clone of herself. And so that meant it needed to be either Phyla in the suit or Monica, and I already had concrete plans for how I needed Monica to enter the story," Thompson said. "Phyla also was a great fit to be the first wave because how she comes back into the story is significant and that worked well with this. 


As for Phyla specifically, don't worry, because Thompson's not done with her yet. "She got knocked down pretty hard in that first issue - although it was one of Carol's toughest fights we've seen in this run so far, but she'll be back in a big way before the story is done, have no fear," Thompson said.

The last scene in issue #32 reveals four Marvels being controlled by who we assume to be Vox Supreme. While she wouldn't reveal who is behind it all, Thompson did reveal who the mystery attackers are.

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"Normally I wouldn't since it's a good mystery best experienced in the comic itself. But I see the issue 35 cover dropped today, so I guess I can confirm that Phyla, Monica, Noh-Varr, Genis-Vell, and Mar-vell all play a role in this story," Thompson said. "But all is not what it seems, so be careful in getting too comfortable in that! "

Last of the Marvels is chock full of major characters, but despite the star power, Thompson assures they all get their time in the limelight.

"I don't know that anyone I wanted to use was 'off the board' so much as there's only so much you can fit into a four or five issue story arc and have it land properly and also give everyone in the story a chance to shine," Thompson said. "One of my greatest weaknesses is that I get excited about using characters and cram too many in and then nobody gets to shine as much as I'd like."

As for what Thompson hopes fans get from The Last of the Marvels once the story is complete, it comes down to Carol's place amongst the greats and showing why she belongs there.

"I don't think it's rocket science - it's simple that the Captain Marvels past and present are absolute badasses deserving of our love and attention. And a little bit selfishly, that Carol has long ago proved herself as an incredible Captain Marvel - that like those that came before her - and may come after her - she's a worthy hero that never gives up and honors the name in all her actions...well, ALMOST all. Nobody's perfect," Thompson said.

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The good news is that the future is bright for Carol, and that future will continue to have Thompson at the helm, as we asked if she was planning on sticking around after the Last of the Marvels and beyond.

"Of course. We're going so strong on Captain Marvel and it's truly thrilling to be in that position, I'd like to see it out however long we can go," Thompson said. "Also, we introduce something in the back half of this arc that is really exciting and I can't wait to explore it."

Now, we would be remiss not to ask about a certain pairing that got Cap fans and the internet as a whole talking, that being the pairing of Cap and Doctor Strange. Since then Carol and Rhodey are back together, but we had to ask if Doc will be in her orbit again anytime soon, as well as what she thought of the reaction to the storyline.

"I think all of us - most especially me - underestimated how hard David Lopez was going to kill that issue. Which is a huge mistake - never underestimate David Lopez! But his work was so powerful that he may have launched the Danvers/Strange ship harder than we intended! To be completely honest, Strange and Carol are very fun to write together, but that doesn't mean they're a good romantic match," Thompson said. "Hard to say about the future though, especially since there's a big Death of Doctor Strange story coming. ;D "


Captain Marvel #33 hits comic stores and digital storefronts on October 6th.

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