Carol Danvers Avenges Kyle Rayner and Becomes a Green Lantern in Latest Marvel vs. DC Comic

Comic fans are always coming up with their dream matchups between the DC and Marvel universes, and the big two themselves have even gotten in on that action occasionally over the years. We haven't had an official Marvel vs DC event in a bit, but fans who follow artist Stephen Byrne on social media have received a taste of what a modern version could be, and the latest entry gives Green Lantern and Captain Marvel fans something rather amazing. The latest entry in the series shows Thanos choking the life out of Kyle Rayner, and the Lantern falls, but Thanos might have just made things worse thanks to Captain Marvel.

Fans of Green Lantern know that when a Lantern falls, their Power Rings instantly seek out a new bearer, one who is worthy of the power and full of will to command it with. Just a few feet away is Carol Danvers, and the ring instantly knows she is more than worthy of a ring, making the already powerful Captain Marvel even deadlier.

Once the ring is on her finger, Carol looks to avenge Kyle's death and charges at Thanos. Being a Lantern now, she starts creating constructs, fitting herself out with a mask, full armor, gauntlets, and a massive gun on each shoulder, including a Gatling Gun on her right shoulder.

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We also get the sweet combination Captain Marvel Green Lantern logo at the center of her armor, and the only disappointing part of this whole page is that there's not another one to look at right after. We cannot wait to see this battle play out, and now we are just dying to see this combination happen in the comics at some point in the future.

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Co-Pilots: Concept to Completion

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In the meantime, you can check out more from the series on Byrne's Instagram page.


You can also see the creation process of the page on Byrne's account, which shows that the panels were slightly different and that Carol was sporting a different pose in the original drawing. That one featured her in a more heroic but static pose, while the final one featured her flying and charging towards Thanos. We like both, but the final version is definitely our favorite.

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