DC Comics VP Wants Publishers’ Books To Reflect Diverse Readership

DC Comics new VP wants the publisher's books to reflect a diverse readership. After all the turnover this year at DC, the company is looking toward the future. Daniel Cherry III is the man in the Vice President spot now, and he will play a large role in getting things a little bit more stable at the publisher. He talked about DC's vision for the future on LinkedIn. the plans for 5G were scuttled quickly this year and an explanation for that change is probably not on the horizon any time soon. However, the Milestone Media announcement at DC FanDome had some fans excited to see some diverse heroes get back into the spotlight. If some of the decisions around the younger characters at the imprint are any indication, there are some different voices on the horizon that will play a big role for the publisher going forward.

"I've been a huge DC fan since I first discovered the joy of comics from my father, who collected Shazam oversized comics from the 1970s," Cherry wrote. "I am standing on the shoulders of giants like Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Harry Lampert, and so many others. I'm especially proud to be continuing the legacy of fellow Ohioan and Cleveland native Jerry Siegel, who created Superman."

"While always respecting the past, I also think it's our responsibility to leverage the cultural power of DC Comics and our characters to entertain and inspire an increasingly diverse global fan base," he continued. "Comics have the unique power to create resonant imagery and narratives that can move the world toward a better, more inclusive version of itself."

Before his departure Dan DiDio talked about trying to build consistency with different imprints.

"Extraordinarily successful for us," Didio told retailers during a Q+A earlier this year. "The response and reaction has been better than we could imagine. Our plan is to make sure we're consistent in the material we're putting out, and that it's strong, and that it comes out on time. We will not be soliciting anything until we are clear that this material will come out as scheduled… We like the maturity, the sensibility, the quality. The talent is going to be driving this line. We will not overproduce here, because we want to make sure this is a long-term plan."


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