DC Reveals Major Batman Character Is LGBTQ+

DC Comics has revealed that a major Batman character is actually LGBTQ+. (Majors Spoilers Follow!) The character in question is none other than Batman's new partner in crimefighting, Ghost-Maker, who has remained an absolute mystery in just about every way possible - save that he trained in martial arts with Bruce Wayne in the formative years of his Batman training, and the two have a deep bond - which can quickly become a bitter rivalry. However, in the latest issue of Batman, we do learn a bit more about Ghost-Maker's... predilections. And it turns out, the man does not discriminate in his choice of lovers.

Warning: Batman #107 SPOILERS Follow!

At the moment, Ghost-Maker is getting his own backup storyline in the current run of Batman comics. Well, Ghost-Maker certainly makes a first impression in the opening pages of his solo story, by flying on his custom and radar-invisible jet, the Ghost-Stream, where he is indulging and some serious sexual intercourse with a very beautiful woman, and a very strapping red-haired and bearded Viking of a man.

According to Ghost-Maker, the trio indulged in "carnal bliss" for no less than two hours - during which he managed to solve no less than six crimes. His "handsome friend" in the bed refers to that activity as just a warm-up - but Ghost-Maker is a man about his business first, and he has an important mission to get to, via aerial drop. He has to leave his lovers behind and get to work.

However, Ghost-Maker proves to be nothing if not a gentleman. He leaves his two lovers with an entire banquet of food and champagne - though he does make it clear that "It's likely we will never see or speak to each other again." Although, the crime-fighter does invite his conquests to "embellish the story of our brief time together," with some kind of action-hero "flavor."

Batman Ghost Maker Bi Pan Sexual LGBTQ 107 Spoilers DC Comics
(Photo: DC Comics)

Ghost-Maker continues to be an intriguing new character in the Batman universe. Without getting into the bi-sexual vs. pansexual debate, it's clear the man is free in his passions - but weirdly so!

When suiting up for the mission, Ghost-Maker's A.I. assistant Icon chastises him for 'indulging his base human pleasures' and nearly missing the air-drop window. According to Ghost-Maker, his wild sexcapades were "more of a meditation technique than anything."


By the way: Ghost-Maker keeps a bandanna wrapped around his eyes the entire time he's making love. We've seen the same thing in flashbacks with Bruce Wayne, so we know the man is likely sight-impaired, and also really careful about revealing his true identity.

Batman #107 is now on sale from DC Comics.