Exclusive First Look at 'Bad Luck Chuck' From Dark Horse Comics

Imagine not being born with a gift — a superpower — but rather, you were born with a curse. [...]

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Imagine not being born with a gift — a superpower — but rather, you were born with a curse. Instead of being able to use your power to bring good luck to yourself or others, you're only able to conjure up the worst of luck. That's the catch in Bad Luck Chuck, a new four-issue miniseries coming from Dark Horse next March.

ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look at the series that follows Charlene "Chuck" Manchester as she hires out her bad luck, providing a unique service to opportunistic criminals all over town. From the minds of Lela Gwenn (Ladies Night Anthology: Eat It Up) and Matthew Dow Smith (Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay), Bad Luck Chuck will follow Chuck as she gets embroiled between a handful of unsatisfied clients that include a criminal kingpin, a cult leader, and insurance fraud investigator.

Both the debut issue's cover and first page can be seen below.

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Gwenn and Dow Smith will receive help from colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick (Bitch Planet) and letterer Frank Cvetkovic (The Hero Code).

The debut series for Gwenn, the writer is excited to have the opportunity to work with her "dream team" on Bad Luck Chuck.

"Working with Dark Horse has been amazing," Gwenn told ComicBook.com "It's really the perfect publisher for this book's mix of comedy and drama that I lovingly refer to as 'slapstick noir.' I'm so lucky to have my dream team on my first book."

"I've known them all for years," Gwenn added, "and am thrilled to have them onboard. It's such a talented group."

For Dow Smith, it's the opportunity to work with Gwenn that makes his time on Bad Luck Chuck enjoyable.

"I'm incredibly excited to be on a team with so many great talents," Dow Smith reflected. "I'm thrilled to finally get a chance to work with Lela. She's such a phenomenal talent with such a great idea for a book."

The team appears to have great chemistry as both Gwenn and Dow Smith joked about the latter having to draw horses.

"Also, Matt, I love you, I would never put horses in this book," the writer said. "P.S. There is a goat in every issue. I regret nothing."

"Seriously, if she puts any horses in this, I'm going to take back all the nice things I've ever said about her," Dow Smith noted.

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

What do you think of your first glimpse at Bad Luck Chuck? Is it the kind of title you'll add to your pull list next spring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Bad Luck Chuck #1 will hit the shelves at your local comic store on March 27, 2019.