Marvel Introduces A New Venom In Spider-Man: Life Story

If you're looking for a Spider-Man story that takes familiar events in Spider-Lore and plays them out in real time, look no further than Spider-Man: Life Story. The Marvel comic from Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley spends each issue looking at a different decade for Peter Parker. Starting in the 1960's, today's third issue of the mini-series looks at Spider-Man in the 80's. Shining a spotlight on the Secret Wars crossover, the symbiotic costume is introduced to Spidey and you know what that means: Venom.

After seeing Peter return from the Secret Wars with the new alien costume, he visits his wife, Mary Jane, and newborn twins as they attempt to take care of the ailing Aunt May. MJ continues to struggle with the fact that Spider-Man will always seemingly take precedence over Peter's family, with Parker disappearing for days, or even weeks, on end.

As Spidey sees an impostor using his costume to commit crimes, Peter investigates, only to find himself incapacitated by Kraven The Hunter. Following the events of "Kraven's Last Hunt", an older Peter is buried in his own grave but in this story, he's saved by the alien symbiote who frantically fears for Parker's life. Fueled by the costume and his anger at nearly losing his life, Spider-Man confronts Kraven, enormous in size thanks to the alien costume.

Venom Life Story
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Mary Jane is luckily able to save Peter from himself before the deathblow is delivered and the costume escapes. Unfortunately for Peter, the stress is too much for Mary Jane and she ends up leaving him with their twins. Unfortunately for Peter Parker, Spider-Man has once again destroyed his life.

Our final stinger delivers the identity of this new Venom as Kraven reaches for his rifle to commit suicide as was the case in "Kraven's Last Hunt". Before Kraven is able to pull the trigger, he is stopped by the alien symbiote that looms over him, hinting that the Russian hunter will become this world's Venom. Whether or not "Kraven The Venom" will be appearing in one of the next two installments of Spider-Man: Life Story is still up in the air but the series itself is still certainly worth reading.

Spider-Man Life Story releases on a monthly basis from Marvel Comics and is a five issue mini-series with each issue retailing for $4.99 each.



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