Marvel Reveals Iron Man's Phone Number & You Can Call It Now

Marvel delivered some big revelations in this week's issue of Thor, but writer Donny Cates and artist Aaron Kuder also slipped in a delightful easter egg for those who decided to pick up a phone. It all stems from one of the big plot points in the issue regarding Thor's hammer Mjolnir, which Thor sets down for someone else to find. A man named Adam Aziz is the one who stumbles upon it, and later in the issue, we see Iron Man arrive on the scene. That's when Tony asks how he called him on his personal number, and it is revealed that Tony's number is on Mjolnir, and the whole thing gets even better when you realize that it's an actual number that you can call to get a voicemail from Tony himself.

That's right, Marvel revealed Tony Stark's personal cell phone number, which is 212-970-4133. If you happen to call this number, you'll be greeted with a voicemail from Stark, who is rather peeved that Thor gave out his number, as it seems he's been peppered with calls ever since.

You can read the full voicemail message below.

(Photo: Marvel)

"Hi, Yes this is Iron Man however due to some big blonde jerk I no longer use this number, but hey, nice try anyway. For all things Tony Stark please visit and uh, Try and stay safe out there yeah? I'm busy enough as it is."

That's a pretty cool easter egg, and gotta love that they went through all the trouble of recording a message.

Thor #7 is written by Donny Cates and is drawn by Aaron Kuder, and you can find the official description below.

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MJOLNIR...And this is a poor time for the All-Father of Asgard to lose his primary weapon. The Golden City is in chaos after Galactus' ill-timed visit, and there are new threats on the horizon. Thor needs his hammer now more than ever…and yet the Uru grows heavier with every passing day. What will it take for the God of Thunder to hang on to one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse?


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