Marvel Releases New Doctor Strange Trailer

In the land of comics, you already know nobody really stays dead. That's why just a little over a year after Jed MacKay and Lee Garbett's Death of Doctor Strange killed the Sorcerer Supreme, he's once again returning to the halls of 177A Bleecker Street. Next month, MacKay will launch a new Doctor Strange series, this time with artist Pasqual Ferry. In it, Strange has been resurrected and will return to his role as Sorcerer Supreme.

To celebrate, Marvel recently released a trailer for the upcoming comic, showing Ferry's lineart where Strange stands against the likes of Dr. Doom, Daredevil, and many multiversal monsters. See it for yourself below.

"After Death of Doctor Strange, after Strange, we open the next act in our ongoing saga of the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange #1!" MacKay previously said of the series. "It's been really exciting to have the opportunity to not only continue exploring the magical side of the Marvel Universe with the inhabitants of 177A Bleecker Street, but to follow the lives of the Stranges as the last year and a half has put them through the wringer. Pasqual has been putting together a truly magical book, and I'm super psyched to show people what's in store for Stephen and Clea Strange- and of course, we won't be giving them any time off after recent events..."

In addition to Ferry, the series will feature covers from the legendary Alex Ross. Given Strange is as popular as ever, the series is being billed as an ongoing.

"When I started working for Marvel, there were three comics I had always wanted to draw: Fantastic FourSpider-Man, and Doctor Strange," Ferry added. "Why Doctor Strange? Because his stories include all the elements I love as an artist—the fantasy, science fiction, and imagination. Above all, the fact that I could look at Steve Ditko's work as a reference really motivates me! When he drew Doctor Strange, all the utopian and imaginary sceneries were incredible. So this is a very special moment in my career, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the character is going to take us with this new narrative. I know a lot of artists, including myself, consider Doctor Strange a challenge, like there is a need to add something new to the character because it offers you that possibility. For me, Doctor Strange is a big challenge, but I embrace it."Doctor Strange #1 is due out on March 22nd.